What to Look for When Hiring a DJ

Things to consider when evaluating the service of a disc jockey company fall into a few basic categories. These include: scope of music collection, quality of equipment, lightning, experience, MC and motivation skills, and the overall level of service.

When choosing a DJ it is important to focus on some of the aspects listed above. The goal of a good DJ is to provide you, the customer, with the best service possible and to meet your needs and requirements, while providing a great dance or party experience.

Many DJ’s will advertise enormous song libraries, however a large library is of no use unless it adequately serves your audience. Depending on your event you may be looking for a DJ with a current popular music library, or a large library that spans decades of music. Be sure to discuss this with your DJ while you are discussing your event. Additionally, inquire if your DJ will take requests and what options are available to your guests if a requested song is not available. For example, some DJ companies bring a mobile internet connection and usually have availability to almost every song.

Many DJ companies advertise something like “30 years of experience”, this may prove reliability but may not be what you’re looking for. Be sure your DJ is energetic and a good motivator and MC. If you would not like an MC at your event, make sure you inform your DJ that you are only looking for a DJ, and not an MC, additionally this may help lower the cost.

Be sure to check on the condition of the DJs equipment, especially for a formal function. A neat and stylish appearance counts. Additionally, check if the DJ will bring backup equipment. Lightning is another important aspects of a DJ company, an impressive lightning system can bring life to a party and excite the dance floor. If lighting interests you, ask if your DJ can bring an intelligent lighting system.